A Message From Our Headmaster

Thank you for visiting the FCA- Austin website. We are busily preparing the school to open and we will soon be offering tours to interested families. Our occupancy date has been pushed back to the first week in July. So tours will not begin until after that date. We are very close to being ready so the city did allow us to begin installing furniture and receiving books. You can drive by and see the campus at 9100 HWY 290 East Service Road in Austin. Most search engines do not recognize us yet because we are not yet receiving mail on campus. You can find us on the north side of 290 and Springdale Road. The building is white with burgundy trim.
The campus has beautiful classrooms and a new playground was just installed. The building was recently painted on the inside and out and I am looking forward to showing visitors what it looks like.
For those of you who have already signed up, here is a list of our core virtues that you can begin discussing with your children at home. This is not a comprehensive list of all virtues, of course, but it is where we will spend a lot of time with our students. We look forward to partnering with you as we engage in helping them become happy, flourishing individuals who develop a lifelong yearning for learning for its own sake.
  • Courage: Making good decisions, even if it is difficult or frightening

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: fortitude, tenacity

  • Self governance: Having control of your own words and actions

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: responsibility, self control, participation

  • Civility: Treating others with respect, dignity, and honor 

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: respect, gratitude, kindness, empathy

  • Service: Helping others without expecting a reward 

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: compassion, generosity, love

  • Perseverance: Not giving up or giving in to discouragement

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: grit, determination

  • Honesty: Saying and doing what is right, even when no one is looking 

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: integrity, truthfulness, sincerity

  • Gratitude: Being thankful and showing that appreciation towards others

    • Synonyms and associated virtues: gratefulness,

I hope to see you at Back to School Night on August 9th for Grammar School parents and students and August 11th for Middle School families.
All the best,
Doug Sowers
Founders Classical Academy
Austin, Texas