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The K-8 curriculum generally follows the Core Knowledge sequence with some modifications to accommodate TEKS, in addition to some classical education enhancements. Core Knowledge (CK) is a knowledge-rich curriculum sequence that effectively builds in students the grammar of each subject, preparing them for more advanced studies in later grades. CK is a systematic course sequence built upon the following ideas:
1. Learning is built upon learning is built upon previous learning.
2. Reading comprehension and overall academic success are dependent upon solid academic background knowledge.
3. There is a common body of knowledge that all citizens should learn, i.e., cultural literacy. 
4. Students must be better prepared to become more informed and responsible citizens of our republic.
  • English- Language Arts (Spelling, Writing, Reading, Greek & Latin Roots)
  • History and Geography (American and World)
  • Fine Arts (Music and Visual Art)
  • Literature (Poetry, Classic Children's Stories & Novels, Sayings & Phrases)
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science 
6th  7th 8th
English: Literature/Grammar and Composition  English: Literature/Grammar and Composition English: Literature/Grammar and Composition
CK History and Geography CK History and Geography CK History and Geography
Pre-Algebra I Pre- Algebra II
Algebra I 
Earth Science Life Science Physical Science
Latin Ia Latin Ib Latin II
CK Art and Music CK Art and Music CK Art and Music
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
  Logic I Logic II
Students are expected to complete the assigned homework , and parents are expected to monitor their children's homework activities.
Homework Length: The rule is approximately 10 minutes of homework per grade level, plus some additional reading. One consideration regarding homework duration, especially at the beginning of the year, pertains to the students themselves. Some students work faster than others. All students however, will improve their study and time-management habits. 
Study Hall:  It is important for students to take full advantage of Study Hall time. Not only can students complete homework during this time, but they can also gain needed assistance from teachers.